How to set up an HTML email signature in Apple Mail

How to set up an HTML email signature in Apple Mail

UPDATE: This article was updated on September 13, 2021.

Creating and adding your email signature to Apple Mail (or Mac Mail, whichever name you like more) should be as easy as possible. Is it, though? If you’ve ever had any problem with setting up your email signature in Apple Mail, this guide is for you. I’ll show you how to create an email signature with a free email signature generator and how to add it to the Apple’s native email client.

How to add signature to Apple Mail

How to add an HTML email signature in Apple Mail – the easy way

UPDATE: We’ve updated our free email signature generator with a dedicated option for Apple Mail. There’s no longer any need to browse through the file system or paste HTML code directly into text files. You’re welcome.

To set up a professional email signature in Apple Mail, follow this short instruction:

  1. Before you begin, a word of warning. If possible, don’t use the email signature generator with the Safari browser. I don’t want to point fingers, but this browser has the tendency of adding unnecessary formatting to signatures. So, unless you want to give a slight Picasso vibe with an abstract signature formatting, use another browser, or proceed at your own risk.
  2. Go to the signature generator, choose Apple Mail and follow the intuitive interface to create your own email signature. When in doubt, you can always refer to the user’s manual. When the email signature preview on the right looks great, click Apply your signature.
Apple Mail HTML signature generator
  1. Next, Copy your signature to the clipboard.
Copy Apple Mail HTML signature
  1. Start Apple Mail.
Open Mail App
  1. Then, go to Mail > Preferences > Signatures.
Mail App Preferences
  1. Before you proceed with anything else, switch from All signatures to your email account (1), add a new email signature with the + button (2) and uncheck the Always match my default message font option (3). If you don’t do it, the signature probably won’t turn out right. Next, paste the signature you have copied earlier (4) and (optionally) select it as the default one (5). Note that the signature won’t look right in the Apple Mail’s editor at this point – don’t worry about that.
Apple Mail Signatures Settings
  1. When you compose a new email, the signature should be there with all the formatting and images displayed correctly (even if they were missing in the signature editor).
Apple Mail signature standard mode

That wasn’t so hard, was it?

Now you have a professional email signature in your Apple Mail client. But what if you want everyone in your company to get a similar signature? You could rinse and repeat the whole procedure for everyone, but it might take you ages to complete such a task. Especially, if some users use more than one email client. That’s why I saved the best method for last.

Organization-wide email signature management (the easiest way)

If your company uses Microsoft 365 or Exchange Server as the email platform, you can manage email signatures for everyone, the smart way. No matter what email clients are used, no matter how many users there are, you can deploy signatures to everyone in a matter of minutes. Whether it’s Apple Mail, Outlook for iOS, or any other client used on any other device, email signature management tools let you provide instant updates to the signatures in your company.

  • CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 – the #1 email signature solution for Microsoft 365 tenants. With this flexible web-based email signature service, you can manage your Microsoft 365 signatures easily from any device. It can be integrated with web analytics tools, CSAT survey tools and meeting scheduling solutions, and it is the first among competition to use the newest technologies to help you manage your branding effectively.
  • CodeTwo Exchange Rules – the best signature solution if you use Exchange Server. It lets you change a simple email signature into an effective marketing channel.
    And if you want to do much more than just manage email signatures, it includes a Pro variant which gives you full control over your mail flow.

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9 thoughts on “How to set up an HTML email signature in Apple Mail

  1. Jelle Dingemans

    great stuff! signature looks great, but i have a problem with the lower banner not showing on a sent email. but when they reply, the banner shows up again. i followed your instructions but so far i have not been able to solve it. what can i do to fix this?

    1. Kamil Glaser Post author

      Only banner or all graphics? I’d check if you’ve used a direct image URL and if the permissions are set to “anyone in the Internet can view”. Check this article for reference.

  2. Isabelle C.


    I have just spent hours/days trying to fix my problem using every single trick, advice, on this page and others to no avail. I created a signature with your services, on Mac Mail, with logo and banner images linked to my hosting service. When I send an email, anyone receiving/reading the mail on their computer can see both images fine, anyone receiving/reading the email on iPhone (I do not know how it appears on any other smart phone) is not seeing the logo and banner. The place holders appear with the name of the place holder in it but no picture. If I answer from my phone back, then I receive the answer with the logo and banner on my computer but still not on my phone. Clearly it is a phone related issue, but which one and how to fix it? Have you solved this issue yet?

  3. jacques

    My signature keeps getting reformatted in signature box, even with the “Always match my default message font” box off.

    1. Kamil Glaser Post author

      The signature will be reformatted and will suffer from issues in the signature editor. But if you uncheck the font matching option, it should look fine in an actual email.

  4. Roth

    Great tool. I’m a little mystified by one thing though. When I click the ‘copy’ to clip board button and then paste the code in an HTML editor, then copy it back and paste it into the signature window it only pasts the raw code and not the formatted result. Any idea what might be happening here?

    1. Kamil Glaser Post author

      If you are copying the signature’s code to an HTML editor, and try to paste the resulting code to the signature window, this is the expected outcome.
      Before pasting the signature into signature settings, you need to save the HTML code in the HTML format, open it in a browser and the signature from there.
      This article explains the process in more detail.

      1. Kamil Glaser Post author

        There are multiple possible reasons for this:

        1. First, if you use a shareable link, instead of a direct URL, images won’t appear. Here is a guide on how to upload an image and get its direct URL
        2. Next, you recipients can be blocking remote content automatically.
        3. You could be blocking remote content yourself. You could change it by going to Mail > Preferences > Privacy and unchecking Block All Remote Content
        4. Finally, we’ve seen that Apple Mail blocks some images. The issue seems random. If everything else fails, your best shot is to use the guidelines from this article to try and use another source for your images.

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