6 thoughts on “How to save an email signature as HTML

  1. Nuala

    Hi I tried to get a HTML version, but the code looks totally different (it’s not in a hierarchy, it’s just a long string) and doesn’t work when I save it and try to have others use it… Help! It looks like this:

    Email SignatureCiaran Walshe</strong……….

    etc etc…

    1. Kamil Glaser Post author

      Have you followed all the steps from this article? If you use the Generate button, after choosing the Thunderbird email platform, you can see and copy the HTML code without a problem.
      The code might be missing pagination since some email clients count whitespace as actual characters. This means that, for example, in Gmail, you might get the “signature is too long” error much easier if the underlying code is paginated.

  2. Finnes

    Thanks for the explanation! I’m in a funny situation, I have to research about the signatures for Contenteam email marketing, and at the same time I was thinking about creating such a signature for myself. So, this is a win-win task for me! Though it looks quite challenging to add it to different email clients, such as Apple Mail or Outlook.


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