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Make your email signature look perfect on retina and 4k displays

Make your email signature look perfect on retina and 4k displays

Nowadays it is quite hard to find at least one smartphone or tablet which is not equipped with a high-resolution display or, in the case of Apple’s devices, the so-called “Retina display”. Also, more and more laptops are getting these onboard. The real power of a high-resolution screen is that it displays the same area as a conventional screen, but uses up to three times more pixels to do so.

Hi-res email signatures

This approach gives ultimate sharpness and depth to everything you can see on your display. The same applies to email signatures. You may have already noticed that images with low pixel density appear a bit blurry on high-resolution displays. And if we zoom in a little bit more – they just look really bad.

The key to making your email signature to look stunning on every device is to use high-resolution images and – by using HTML and CSS directives – allow email clients to scale them down into the desired size. This way you can achieve backward compatibility with standard displays and get great results on your hi-res devices.

Of course, larger images consume more space. However, if we are talking about logos and social media icons, this will not affect the overall size of your emails that much. Besides, the cost of increased message size is quite reasonable considering the difference between standard and hi-res or Retina-ready images.

Hi-res email signatures

You can use CodeTwo Email Signatures for Office 365 or CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro to create an email signature compatible with high-resolution displays. To begin, first prepare images two or three times larger than their target size. Of course, we are talking about the original image size. Scaling up a small image to a higher resolution is pointless and will not give in good results.

After the images are ready, follow the steps below:

  1. In the signature editor, select the image that is currently inserted into the signature and open its properties. You can also insert a new image instead.
  2. In the Location group, select your new image by using the browse (three dots) button.
  3. In the Size group, provide the desired image size which, as mentioned above, should be two or three times lower than the original image.

Hi-res email signatures 2

If you have followed the instructions properly, you should see that the inserted image is a bit sharper than you would expect – this is because the scaling quality depends directly on the email clients’ rendering engine. While Outlook and other similar apps offer pretty good scaling algorithms, our editor is optimized for designing the signatures.

Hi-res email signatures

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