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All you need to know about fonts in email signatures

What fonts are best for email signatures?

[Update]: This article was first published on February 02, 2018. New sections have been added to the article to reflect current trends and changes in email signature good practices.

Every element of a signature block plays an important role. Contact details, user’s photo, marketing banner, hyperlinks, and social media icons need to go together to make the signature look professional. But there is one basic element, which, if overlooked, can significantly impact the signature’s readability and visual perception – it is a font. Having this in mind, in this article, I will show the best fonts for email signatures.

Best fonts for email signatures

To choose the best font for your email signature, you need to look for one of the web safe fonts. By ‘safe fonts,’ I mean fonts that are pre-installed on most devices. No matter if this is Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android – you can be pretty sure that the font you use in your signature is available on the recipients’ side. This will guarantee that the signature template will look just the way you see it on your screen.

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Christmas email signature ideas for 2022 holiday season

Happy Holidays atmosphere is in the air! We are looking at fairy lights in the windows, sipping hot chocolate by candle light, listening to Christmas songs on the radio, and simply enjoying this special time of the year. We are also bringing some of this festive attitude to work and business communication in the form of Christmas email signatures.

Christmas email signature ideas for 2022 holiday season

Check out our collection of email signature ideas for 2022 holiday season. All the templates are free, so you can use them both in personal and business emails. Let the winter magic happen!

Elegant & warm Christmas signature

This email signature template will definitely help your recipients get the feeling of the holiday season. The golden accents make the signature look elegant, especially when displayed in email clients with the dark mode turned on. Green twigs in the Merry Holidays banner bring some freshness to the signature, making it really pleasant design to go for.

Free Christmas signature template: Elegant and warm design

Adjust this email signature template to your needs or download it now

Merry Holidays with vintage vibe

If your soul resonates with Christmas vintage vibe, don’t hesitate to use the below signature template in your business emails! Let others feel it, too. The banner with the classic red & white ribbons and handwritten wishes takes us back to the old times. The colors of the banner match the color palette used in social media icons, while the two-column design makes it easy to present contact details and a disclaimer.

Free vintage Christmas email signature template

Download this signature template or edit it for further tweaks

Boxing day in email signatures

It’s time for presents! Snow is falling, jingle bells are ringing and presents are waiting for us under Christmas trees. To celebrate this heartwarming tradition in your company, use the below boxing day signature template in all your emails during this winter season.

Free Christmas email signature - Boxing Day

Download this email signature now or edit it with our signature generator

Need more inspirations for Christmas signatures?

Check out our other blog posts where you can find more ready-to-download Christmas signature templates.

The below snow-is-falling signature template can be found here.

Free holiday signature template – It's snowing

The following green Holiday season template is presented in this article.

Free email signature inspirations for Christmas 2021

And this simple, yet festive email signature can be found here.

Free Christmas email signature template

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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Free social media icons for email signatures

Using social media icons in an email signature is a must if you want to compete in today’s digitalized world. A company that doesn’t have at least one social media account, may look like it doesn’t even exist in eyes of potential customers. Companies gain trust by posting regularly, by being available and responsive on social media. Including your email communication in the social media strategy is a perfect way to take advantage of all branding and marketing opportunities. And there’s no easier way than simply adding social media icons to your company’s email signature.

Social media icons in email signatures - free download
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Happy Fourth of July: free email signature templates

The celebration time for all Americans is about to begin as the 4th of July is just round the corner. Why is this date so important? Well, something huge happened in American history on that day – back in 1776, the United States declared its independence from Great Britain.

Fourth of July 2022 email signature templates

There are many ways Americans honor this national holiday. Firework displays, picnics, barbecues, and parades are great ideas for outdoor celebrations. To show your festive mood in a professional setting, we encourage you to use one of these free signature templets in your email conversations.

Simplicity and elegance

It’s just classic. A great fit for any business that wants their emails look neat and simple, yet fully compliant. This professional signature template has four clearly distinguished blocks of information. The first one emphasizes user’s name, job title and company website. The second one presents users photo, contact details and social media icons. Then, the Independence Day banner designed specifically for this occasion adds a nice festive feeling to business correspondence. The last part of this template is a disclaimer, an essential element for ensuring legal compliance.

Download this free email signature to bring national festive mood to the office

Waving flag banner

A very similar structure to the previous signature template, but this one brings social media links and like-in-motion marketing banner with the popular theme of the waving flag of the United States into focus. The banner will help you promote any special offers you prepared for your customers to celebrate the Fourth of July. Add a link to the banner to let everyone quickly land on your website or online store.

Download this free template or open it in our email signature generator to modify it the way you like

Compact and neat

This signature template was designed to satisfy subtle tastes. It lets you celebrate the 4th of July in your email conversations, but keep it low-key. The company logo and details of the sender are the most visible part of the signature. The casual and inviting style of this template makes it a great fit for most professions.

Download this email signature template to celebrate 4th of July

Festive mood

Make it visible, make it enjoyable. Celebrate Independence Day with this fireworks display signature template. Bring fun to the office. Although the banner may look bold, the template itself looks professional and has all the necessary company details, with special attention paid to social media icons. Having this in mind, the template is a prefect choice for companies which extensively use social media and want everyone to quickly get to their official profiles for further interaction.

Download this impressive signature template to celebrate Independence Day in emails

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How to set up or change email signature in Outlook on the Web (Office 365 and Exchange 2016/2019)?

How to set up or change email signature in Outlook on the Web (Office 365 and Exchange 2016)?

[Update]: This article was first published on March 15, 2016. It’s been updated to reflect the current steps required to set up an email signature on respective platforms.

Back in the day, when Exchange 2016 was released, OWA was replaced with a brand new and shiny Outlook on the web, known from Office 365 (or Microsoft 365, as the name also changed in the meantime). Since then, Outlook on the web went through some visual upgrades, but there wasn’t another name change (yet). What’s interesting is that despite the same name used for both on-premises (Exchange 2016 and Exchange 2019) and cloud environments, those Outlook versions are a bit different. Even though both clients are similar when it comes to setting up signatures, there are some noticeable differences. One of them is the path to the email signature editor.

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Email signatures in Dark Mode

Email signatures in dark mode can look really funny (or scary if you like) if they don’t support the dark-mode environment. Well, this may be funny if you are the recipient of such a signature. You can look at it and roll your eyes or just smile when seeing a serious company sending you an email where the signature looks like chaos in your dark-mode-enabled Outlook or OWA. But what if you run this serious business and use email signatures that don’t support dark mode? Don’t worry. After reading this article, you will know how to look at your email signature to save your face in front of customers and business partners if they enabled dark mode in their email clients.

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The best email signatures for 2020

We have just entered a new decade and the changes in the business landscape it brought about affect the way we design and present our products and services. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you must reinvent your entire brand’s visual identity immediately. However, it is a perfect time to adapt it to the times we live in. One of the things you may wish to change are your email signatures. That is why we have prepared some examples of best email signatures for 2020 to get you inspired. Let’s see what signature templates will be trendy this year!

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