Best email signature templates for 2017

Best email signature templates for 2017

In this article, I have gathered the best email signature templates for you to use in 2017. There are different layouts, compositions, fonts and graphics that may inspire you to create your own professional and modern email signature.

Best email signature design 2017

Simple and elegant email signatures

Here you will find examples of simple and neat email signature templates you can use for both business and personal emails.

Version 1:

Email signature template with details composed horizontally. This layout is very transparent if you stick to the rule “the less, the better”.

A signature with data placed horizontally.

Suitable for: C-level staff, Sales Department, IT professionals.

Version 2:

This email signature composition is one of the most popular ones. Company logo on the left and user details on the right side compose a nice and universal signature layout.

An email signature with a company logo.

Suitable for: Freelancers, IT professionals, Sales and Customer Service Departments.

Version 3:

This template is very similar to version 2 (see above), but user details are put upfront. Also using 2-3 colors makes the signature look professional and attractive at the same time.

A signature with company logo and social media buttons.

Suitable for: C-level staff, freelancers, Sales and Marketing Departments, graphic designers.

Version 4:

This email signature has no graphics, which makes it a perfect choice for reply and forward messages.

An email signature perfect for reply and forward messages.

Suitable for: Internal corporate correspondence, IT professionals, Customer Service Department.

Email signatures with users’ photos

User photos in email signatures add a bit of human touch to the online conversation. And if you want all employees in your company to have their photos in email signatures, you can ask your administrators to prepare and upload photos for all users.

Note: To save administrators’ time, let them know about these two freeware tools that simplify the process of user photo upload and management: CodeTwo User Photos for Office 365 and CodeTwo Active Directory Photos. Then, users’ photos can be globally implemented to email signatures via CodeTwo Email signatures 365 or CodeTwo Exchange Rules.

Version 1:

A clean, blue-grey balanced signature with a user photo on the left and all contact details on the right.

An email signature perfect for teachers.

Suitable for: Sales and Marketing Departments, teachers, freelancers, Customer Service Department.

Version 2:

An email signature with non-standard photo shape, additionally supported by social media icons displayed in regular colors.

Business email signature.

Suitable for: C-level staff, Sales Department, graphic designers, Small Business owners.

Version 3:

A simple signature with nicely balanced user photo and contact details.

A signature with the user photo.

Suitable for: Sales and Marketing Departments, freelancers.

Email signatures with banners

Banners can refine your email signatures. They not only make signatures more attractive and eye-catching but also more informative. See examples of modern email signatures with different kinds of banners.

Version 1:

This signature example is packed with marketing banners promoting special offers for Black Friday – a big sale action. Of course, you can create a similar banner for any event you like.

Email signature with a marketing banner.

Suitable for: Sales and Marketing Departments, Small Business owners.

Version 2:

A banner is a great place to show your certificates or awards off. This signature template can be especially useful for professionals.

Email signature with certificates.

Suitable for: C-level staff, freelancers, professionals.

Version 3:

In this signature template, a banner informs about a product that the company offers. The template itself is very neat thanks to muted colors and simple fonts.

Email signature banner promoting a new product.

Suitable for: Customer Service Department, Sales and Marketing Departments, Small Business owners.

And if you get inspired to build your own professional email signatures, this Free Email Signature Generator may come in handy. It will help you create modern and well-tailored signature templates within just a few clicks.

Or you can download one of the ready-to-use email signature templates from this website.

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