7 thoughts on “Personal email signatures: what information to include and how to create them?

  1. Chris

    Thanks for the tips. Very useful in making a more professional-looking signature that creates a great im pression

  2. jordan

    Am I allowed to include my company name in my personal email signature? My company says it is a misuse of company resources and that I am acting as an unapproved agent of the company.

    1. Kamil Glaser

      Hi Jordan,
      Your company is right. Including their name in a signature automatically suggests that you represent this organization, which should not be the case in your personal emails. If anyone could allow you to do that, it is your company, and you already have their statement on the matter.

  3. Anders Hansen

    You do have some good suggestions. However, if you include your email / phone in the signature, it is important to put them in as images – otherwise you run the risk of being spammed to death because someone carelessly forwarded your email.

    1. Adam the 32-bit Aardvark

      Hi Anders,

      I guess if someone wanted to be extra cautious they could do that, but this may cause issues when the recipient’s email/web client blocks images (which often happens – see this article).

      Best regards,


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