8 thoughts on “When to use linked and embedded images in email signatures

    1. Kamil Glaser

      Hi Michaelene,
      When you add an image to your email signature, it should look the same as the source file. To solve your issue, use any graphics editor software to rotate the source picture, save it, and then add it to the signature once again.

  1. Hannah

    Hi Pawel,

    What does “No” and “Yes” mean in the following table? Taking the gmail row as example, “No” the embedded image will not be shown in gmail and “Yes” the linked image will be shown in gmail?

    1. Paweł Krzemiński

      Hi Hannah, It meant that Gmail did not use to support inserting embedded images in its signature. However, this has changed – now you can embed images in Gmail signatures by clicking the Insert image button and selecting Upload. I’ve updated the information in the article.

  2. Raymond TODO

    This post was published in 2013. Can you please tell me if up to date there is still no solution to do embedded image in email signature?


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