What to include in internal email signatures?

What to include in internal email signatures?

What to include in your intra-organizational email signature

[Update] This article was completely recycled on October 30, 2023.

Why should you care about internal email signatures? In 2023, email is still one of the most common media for internal business communication. The right email signature can make this communication more effective. In the article below, I explain what to include in an internal email signature.

As we’ve already explained in this series of articles, email signature marketing & branding have a huge impact on corporate communication. And while those principles don’t work the same way for internal emails, they do apply here, too. Below, I’ll show you the best business practices on what to include in an internal email signature.

What to include in an internal email signature

The list below shows the most important elements of an email signature meant for internal communication:

  • Employee name and surname.
  • Job title and department – let people know who is who.
  • Preferred contact method – emails are asynchronous which makes them perfect for well-thought, long-term communication. Sometimes, though, you need to notify someone ASAP. Email signature is the first place to search for such a method. It can be a phone number, Teams link, WhatsApp link, or any other contact method.


  • Location – if your company has several offices around the world, it might be a good idea to let the recipient know which office your email originates from.
  • Small photo – it adds a more personal touch when communicating with other employees.
  • Email address – this has been subject to some heated discussions. This article lists pros and cons of using email addresses in signatures. Long story short, yes, they can be useful.

What not to include in internal email signatures

  • Legal disclaimers – they are usually very long and completely unnecessary in internal communication. However, if you are sending classified information in your email you might have to include a short confidentiality note.
  • Multiple telephone numbers or emails – do not include more than two telephone numbers in a company email signature as this will be confusing for others.
  • Full company physical address – when it comes to intra-organizational correspondence this is unnecessary.
  • Personal social media links – an intra-organizational email signature is still a kind of business email signature and should not include this kind of content. However, it is acceptable to include a link to a personal blog with job-related articles.

For more ideas on what to include in internal email signatures, see our in-depth article on internal email signatures.

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How to handle email signatures for a whole company

Deploying unified email signatures for the whole company (especially one that employs thousands of people) could be challenging, unless you use third-party signature software. Email signature management tools let you create well-thought signature templates which are automatically personalized for every employee. This ensures a unified email signature branding for everyone while saving everyone’s time and nerves.

The best email signature management tools

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