Email address in email signatures – to use it, or not?

Email address in email signatures – to use it, or not?

There has been an ongoing discussion on the matter. “Why should I add my email address to my signature?” is a recurrent question, whenever email signatures are discussed. Below, we state a few reasons why you should consider adding the email address to your email signatures.

Email address in email signatures - to do or not

Having an email address in email signatures might seem redundant. After all, when you send an email, your recipients would click the reply button, rather than look for the email address in the signature. However, there are some valid reasons to add that email address to your footers.

Email forwarding

Have you ever noticed what happens with an email address when you forward an email? Most email clients include information on who sent the original message, but in most cases, the details are limited to a display name. In other words, whenever someone forwards your email, there is a chance that the final recipients will find it hard to reach out to you directly. If you add your email address to the email signature, you gain a simple and elegant solution to this problem.

Business card

Email signatures are a way to present your contact information. They are like business cards. That is why they should include all means to contact you. Inserting an email address is a signal that email is a common or a default way to reach you. If you do not have the email address in your “e-business card,” some recipients might get the false impression that you prefer other forms of communication.

Show that you are not spoofing

You have probably received spoofed emails more than once already. Most people have. That is why, from time to time, people get on guard when they read emails. Even a single link can give you a suspicious vibe. An email address in your email signature can help you clear up the doubts. It is reassuring to see that the mailto link leads to the same domain that the email came from.

Alternative email address

Sometimes, you send messages from a shared email address, like Although that solution is the best for a support team, some customers might prefer a more personal touch. If you add an individual email address to your email signature, recipients get to choose an alternative email address. It is reassuring to know that you have a choice.

Email signature tools

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