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How to create a perfect Human Resources email signature

How to create a perfect Human Resources email signature

Email signatures and disclaimers play a very important role in email communication. Conversations without well designed signatures are hard to follow, causing misunderstandings and general chaos. A Human Resources email signature must be designed with particular care, as it is often responsible for the long lasting first impression of the organization.

A good example of Human Resources email signature design

Download this example, for other templates available free of charge, follow this link


Much depends on your corporate colors, and it is best to stick to your own convention when designing a signature. In this human resources email signature, you will not find a great variety of colors. That is because highlighting specific sections in the email signature is not a priority in case of HR. There is only one element which stands out in terms of color: the user’s photo.

Free Email Signature Generator for HR specialists


Including your photo is a very good practice in a well-designed Human Resources email signature. The job interview process is especially stressful. Therefore, it is best to use all means to reduce the stress below critical values. For example, appending photographs in HR email signatures lets potential employees know that there is a person on the other side. An honest, smiling face shows that there is nothing to be afraid of and it automatically becomes the friendly face of the organization itself. Such a simple action benefits both the company and stakeholders. Interviewees find it easier to present themselves well, and the company is able to get to know them better.


This section is particularly important. Full contact data and address must be well visible and easy to find for those who search for it. What is more, it enables recipients to learn basics about your company at an early stage, increasing the chance of bonding with the brand even before the proper cooperation starts. The disclaimer might include a link to the website with all information on the job interviewing process in your company. It will save you from having to paste all the details to every single interviewee.

Remember that email signatures which might work for HR department do not necessarily work well for others. A good practice in a company is designing different templates for different departments, including corporate colors in all of them. Another way to make them look similar is unifying the layout and adding elements like banners for marketing and links to catalogs for sales.

Unifying email signatures in a company is a very important task. Although it usually requires a lot of effort and time to achieve, there is a way to make it easy and foolproof with the right software.

Software tip

Employing central email signature management has already helped many companies with branding. Because it ensures that Corporate Identity is applied to each and every mail, it transforms your email correspondence into a business opportunity making machine.

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