Christmas email signature ideas for 2022 holiday season

Christmas email signature ideas for 2022 holiday season

Happy Holidays atmosphere is in the air! We are looking at fairy lights in the windows, sipping hot chocolate by candle light, listening to Christmas songs on the radio, and simply enjoying this special time of the year. We are also bringing some of this festive attitude to work and business communication in the form of Christmas email signatures.

Christmas email signature ideas for 2022 holiday season

Check out our collection of email signature ideas for 2022 holiday season. All the templates are free, so you can use them both in personal and business emails. Let the winter magic happen!

Elegant & warm Christmas signature

This email signature template will definitely help your recipients get the feeling of the holiday season. The golden accents make the signature look elegant, especially when displayed in email clients with the dark mode turned on. Green twigs in the Merry Holidays banner bring some freshness to the signature, making it really pleasant design to go for.

Free Christmas signature template: Elegant and warm design

Adjust this email signature template to your needs or download it now

Merry Holidays with vintage vibe

If your soul resonates with Christmas vintage vibe, don’t hesitate to use the below signature template in your business emails! Let others feel it, too. The banner with the classic red & white ribbons and handwritten wishes takes us back to the old times. The colors of the banner match the color palette used in social media icons, while the two-column design makes it easy to present contact details and a disclaimer.

Free vintage Christmas email signature template

Download this signature template or edit it for further tweaks

Boxing day in email signatures

It’s time for presents! Snow is falling, jingle bells are ringing and presents are waiting for us under Christmas trees. To celebrate this heartwarming tradition in your company, use the below boxing day signature template in all your emails during this winter season.

Free Christmas email signature - Boxing Day

Download this email signature now or edit it with our signature generator

Need more inspirations for Christmas signatures?

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Free holiday signature template – It's snowing

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Free Christmas email signature template

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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