Sales Email Signature - how to design an effective email signature

Sales Email Signature – how to design an effective email signature

Sales email signature – how to design an effective email signature

[Update]: This blog post was updated on July 8, 2020.

Sales campaigns, next to marketing campaigns, are today one of the most important company growth boosters. There are various strategies that can successfully bring more consumers to your business. Among them, there is a good practice of boosting your email communication channel with the use of your Sales Department email signatures – a powerful, easy-to-use and practically a free way to increase your sales opportunities.

Put your branding first

Your company logo, business colors, fonts and everything else that visually describe your company is like a flag waving in front of your customers’ eyes. Once noticed, it will be recognizable every time they see it in the future. That’s why it’s crucial to reflect your company branding in your Sales email signatures as your customers will be spotting it every time they receive an email from your Sales team.

Consistent email signature branding for all the employees in the Sales Department (and not only there!), apart from building the professional experience, is also essential for gaining customers’ trust. Seeing the same well-designed email signature every time they communicate with your company, it makes a positive impression that you’re a solid business partner.

Sales email signature design example

The example above shows a well-balanced Sales email signature. A sales representative photo adds more human touch to the online conversations. Brand colors, company logo, and the marketing banner ensure consistent and professional experience. All necessary contact details and links to social profiles maximize the ways of contacting you, when needed. A legal disclaimer with links to relevant documents ensures compliance with the law.

Target your email sales campaigns for better results

Promotional or seasonal offers can be easily advertised in your Sales email signatures in a form of the banner. The well-tailored banner that links to your newest offer or sale catalogue can bring real leads. But if you want to gain even better results, then you can target your campaigns towards specific groups of consumers. Thanks to that, with a little help from a third-party solution, you can send email signatures with optimized sales campaigns for specific recipients. Apart from adjusted promotional banners, you can add CTA buttons linked to order forms, best product reviews or a video presentation. Special badges showing the awards your products or services received can be an additional sales booster.

Sales email signature design example

And if you add tracking parameters to links in your signatures, then you can easily track your email signature sales campaigns and collect valuable stats that can be helpful when planning future effective email sales campaigns. For that, you can use commonly available web tools like e.g. Google Analytics.

Add some human touch

Let’s be honest: no one likes talking to a chat bot or an automatic secretary. As human beings, we prefer to talk with a real person, especially when we have a problem to solve or an urgent questions to get answered. To make the online communication more human, don’t hesitate to add your Sales team members photos to the email signatures. This will give your business a friendly face, a guarantee that there is a real person on the other side. As for the user photos, it’s worth organizing a professional photo session with a professional photographer so that all shots have same good lightening and business background.

Free Email Signature Generator for sales department

Make it simple to contact you back

You can simplify the communication process by giving your customers the opportunity to meet your sales representative face-to-face. For that, feel free to include a direct link to online meetings on Zoom or Microsoft Teams. And if you run online product presentations, you can include a button in your signature allowing your customers to easily schedule the meeting with you. You can be sure that this time-saver will make your potential customers happier as it usually takes at least a couple of emails to find the best meeting date that suits both sides.

Show your presence on social media

Including social media icons linked to your company official profiles is a simple way of showing your customers where to find you on the web. It is important to use only those profiles which are accurate and regularly updated. There’s nothing worse than showing off a Facebook page where the last activity dates back to 2010 or the empty LinkedIn profile that shows nothing but a company name. Remember that taking care of your social media profiles can give more opportunity for your customers to reach out to you directly or to leave a positive reviews for your products which will be later read by hundreds or thousands of other potential users.

Measure your customer satisfaction

You can also measure your customer satisfaction by adding a CSAT survey to your Sales email signature. This is a quick way for your clients to tell you whether they enjoyed the conversation with your Sales representative or not. Despite the feedback the Sales Manager receives from the surveys, they may also motivate Sales team members to try harder.

Sales email signature design example

In the signature template above, there is an example of what your CSAT survey can look like.

Stay compliant with legal regulations

One of the most important elements of your Sales email signature is a legal disclaimer. It can tell all about confidentiality of data contained in the email content and include links to your Terms and Conditions as well as Privacy Policy. Adding an unsubscribe link is necessary to keep you covered if someone would like to opt out from your company mailing list.

Check out disclaimer examples

Take full control over your sales email signatures

Regardless of whether your company employs 10 or 10,000 people, managing email signatures across the company can be time-consuming and difficult to organize. Especially for the Sales email signatures when you have to keep all the banners and offers up to date (just imagine sending outdated Christmas offers in the middle of summer!). So to take full control over your email signatures, you can consider using a third-party solution for central email signature management like CodeTwo Email Signatures 365, which comes with full email campaign automation.

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