How I gained 100 visits a day just by applying unified email signatures

How I gained 100 visits a day just by applying unified email signatures

The amount of traffic you get on your website directly influences how much money your company gets. Even when your site excels at SEO, with high-quality content, a well-built structure, and relevant metadata, you still might need just a little push to make your customer base grow. There is one simple way to gain a lot of visits without much effort. Would you like to increase the number of people who reach your website by additional 100 per day?

How to gain 100 visits a day

You can use one simple trick to boost your online traffic. All you need to do is to unify email signatures in your company.

How does it happen?

It is quite simple; email signatures are an integral part of every email and emails are the basic channel of business communication. In the most basic form, the signatures provide contact information. But if you go a step further, you can make them attractive and attention-grabbing. Well-formatted email signatures not only provide your recipients with some contact details. They also draw attention and help you with the branding of your company. But most importantly, if you add some attractive banners and link them to your website, you will get a substantial traffic boost.

You see, banners on websites tend to make people tune out – they are usually found in generic places. People tend to scroll through them, trying to get straight to the content. In email signatures, banners are below the email body, right next to the contact details. They are well-exposed. What is more, if an employee sends an email to a customer or potential customer, you know that this person is already interested in what you have to offer. That means your special offers are tailored to suit your recipients. See how to design an email signature for a company and a collection of sample signature templates for some tips and inspirations.

However, designing a good email signature is one thing, using it company-wide is a whole different story.

Unifying email signatures

Unifying email signatures gives you a lot of additional bonuses. Take the profits above and multiply them by the number of people in your company.

There are a few different ways to unify email signatures. First, there is the most traditional method – asking everyone to edit their email signature. This is a great method. I mean, if your company has ten users or less, there is a good chance that about five of them actually set it up right without calling the IT for help.

You could also ask the IT to go down to everyone’s computer and set up email signatures. This will guarantee a high success rate, but I would only advise it when the IT has too much time.

Oh, if you choose one of the two solutions above, then don’t even think about changing the banners to spice up email campaigns. It would mean that the nightmare is going to be recurrent.

But joke solutions aside, there are some ways that let you unify email signatures successfully and without too much hassle. Depending on the email platform your company uses, there are a few different options. This guide on how to unify email signatures will give you some information on the technical aspect.

How I gained 100 visits a day

I am sure you realize that most solutions and tricks work differently for different people. For example, my company gained around 100 visits a day, with ten people actively sending emails outside the company. Basing on the employees to visits ratio, you can easily deduce around how much traffic you can gain if you do the same. Below you can see some statistics from Google Analytics filtered only for visits generated by links in email signatures.

Google analytics 100 visits per day.

How to maximize your chances? Manage your emails centrally, using a dedicated tool. Thanks to that, unifying email signatures is easy and gives you some additional benefits:

  • Email signature design looks the same for everyone, no matter what email clients they use. Using a phone to send emails is not a problem anymore.
  • Banners and users’ photos are not blocked by email clients. It means that the signatures look nice from your customers’ point of view.
  • The signatures are always directly below replies and forwards.
  • Because changing the design requires a few minutes for an entire company, we can easily run A/B tests, launch limited-time offers, and make changes at any time.

Be sure to track your email signature campaigns to know how much visits you gain exactly.

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