How to add a HTML email signature in OWA 2010

1. In the upper-right corner of your OWA page click Options, See All Options… .

OWA 2010: Options

2. On the Options page, click Settings, make sure the Mail tab is selected. Now you can start composing your own signature.

OWA 2010: E-Mail Signature editor

You can, for all intents and purposes, finish here (remember to click Save in the lower-right corner). However, if you’re aiming for a more complex design or want to use one of our free email signature templates, follow the below steps.

3. To have your signature contain elements not available in the OWA signature editor (e.g. tables), you need to design the elements in an external HTML editor and paste them into the OWA editor. The same goes for the free templates available on this page.

Whichever option you choose, copy the preview of the design (e.g. from an Internet browser, as per these instructions) and paste it into the OWA editor. If you’re using one of our templates, the result should look something like this:

OWA 2010: An email signature based on tables with backgrounds

NOTE: Depending on the browser you are accessing OWA with, some fonts may get reformatted. To revert back to the original formatting, highlight a reformatted section and choose Arial from the OWA editor’s font formatting menu.

4. In the OWA E-mail Signature editor, substitute the {First name}, {Last name}, etc. placeholders with the information you want included in your signature.

OWA 2010: An email signature based on tables with backgrounds

5. Remember that you can modify the design at will, by removing or adding information, or by applying your own formatting to fonts (to do this, highlight a segment of text and use the OWA editor’s font formatting menu).

OWA 2010: Editing an email signature

6. To hyperlink elements of the signature (segments of text or images), highlight the part you’re interested in (1), click the hyperlink icon (2) and type in or paste your hyperlink.

OWA 2010: Inserting a hyperlink

7. That’s pretty much it. To have the email signature automatically added when you start to compose a message (instead of you having to add it manually every time), check the Automatically include my signature… option under the editor, and click Save in the lower-right corner of the OWA page. Now all that’s left is to test your new signature.

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