7 thoughts on “How to create a company-wide email signature in the new Exchange admin center

  1. S Hussain


    I have followed the exact steps listed in the video but am getting the following;
    Internal server error:
    Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation.

  2. Moh Ghanty

    I have tried this step by step but the html code when pasted into the transport rule returns and error: Cannot process argument transformation on parameter ‘ApplyHtmlDisclaimerText’. Cannot convert value ” Are you able to suggest whats wrong? I used the HTML with Active Directory Values

    1. Tomek Stempniewicz

      This error suggests that the signature you’ve tried to apply has more than 5120 characters (including spaces), which is the limit for native Exchange Online disclaimers/signatures. You can try optimizing the code (getting rid of spaces, checking if there are no embedded base64 images, removing some elements) or use a third-party tool, which doesn’t come with such limitations.

    1. Kamil Glaser Post author

      Yes, it does, but it might be better if it didn’t – that’s why we’ve shown how to add an exception (2:30).
      The problem is, mail flow rule adds the signature at the very bottom of an email thread. So it does add signatures to replies, but those signatures will only stack at the bottom of the conversation.


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