Email signatures with photos: Is the game worth the candle?

Email signatures with photos: Is the game worth the candle?

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Using imagery has always been an instinctive way of communication for people – no matter if you think of 30k years old cave paintings or football hooligans’ doodles in your neighborhood. Let’s face it: humans are visual animals by nature.

That’s also the reason why the Web is becoming more and more visual. And the same applies to email signatures. While, in the era of 56 kbit/s connections, a signature could be a line or two lines of a text, now it can be much more than that. Banners, social media links, one-click surveys – you can have it all. And a photo? A photo or a headshot (any FPP game fans there?) is definitely a good idea! Read on if you want to learn why.

Email signatures with photos - examples

Top 3 reasons for adding photos to signatures

Go modern in communication

We do live in the world that is kind of obsessed with visuals. With the development of technologies, the communication gets more and more imagery-based. If you want to follow the trends, you should definitely go for an email signature with a photo. Thanks to that, your recipients will perceive your communication as modern, aesthetic, and attractive. Consequently, they will be more likely to engage with you.

Psychology comes into play

A text obviously can express your character and emotions but it has to be more elaborate than, for example, your first and last name plus your position. A photo (or any other visual), on the other hand, can instantly evoke any of these. As they say, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

From the psychological point of view, a photo in your signature is capable of creating a sort of connection or intimacy between you and your recipient. When looking at it, a recipient immediately gets some idea about you – if you’re approachable or unapproachable, easy-going or uptight, and so on. So, yes, your photo is worth a thousand words for your recipients.

And if you take and choose your photo carefully, you can win a lot – from convincing a customer to try your company’s product to being selected as a proper candidate for a given position. That’s why, for example, when you’re employed on a front-office position, sell products, or run your own business, using an email signature with a photo is again definitely a good idea. But these are not the only scenarios possible. Building some intimacy between you and your colleagues in a 10k multinational corporation or creating a sense of face-to-face communication during the pandemic are also the welcome outcomes.

Focus on the message

If you stop to think about it: What’s your attention span when you read a standard email / browse through your inbox? 8 seconds? 10 seconds?

If your signature were a big wall of a text, an average web user (or even a goldfish boasting 9-second attention span) could lose interest after learning all about your title, first and last names, position, company address, exact social media profile names and so on (even reading this obscenely long list is kind of strenuous, isn’t it?). OK, let’s be honest. Even a goldfish would scan the signature in 5 milliseconds, label it as ‘not-worth-looking-at’ and go (swim) on with their life.

Your photo, on the other hand, is something that makes the message easier to follow by boosting the attention span. It’s a kind of attractive and aesthetic interruption to your text which makes it easier to follow. After all, sending an email, you want to communicate your message, don’t you?

Sample signatures with photos

Now that you’re thinking about where to find a nice design of an email signature with a photo, we’ve got you covered. No matter if you run a one-person business, you’re an IT admin in an organization, or whatever else you do, simply click here to see signature designs that include space for your photo. The templates have been created by professionals, so you don’t have to put an effort into designing it at all – your photo will be correctly aligned with other elements and will simply look brilliant.

Email signatures with photos - sample gallery

Once you choose your perfect signature template, customize it using our Free Email Signature Generator to finally apply it in your email client according to the instructions provided. And if you happen to be an HTML guru, you can download the template and play with code to produce the desired effect like a boss.

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    We do live in the world that is kind of obsessed with visuals.
    With the development of technologies, the communication gets more and more imagery-based.
    If you want to follow the trends.
    My name is yeasin. I already read your article such a good and informative.
    Actually, signature image must be used people identiphy.


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