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Company-wide automatic email signatures in Google Workspace (G Suite)

Company-wide automatic email signatures in Google Workspace (G Suite)

Company-wide automatic email signatures in G Suite (Google Apps)

[Update]: This article was updated on December 3, 2020

Google Workspace (G Suite) has the option to add automatic email signatures to all or chosen users. It is included in all Google Workspace plans, apart from the legacy Google Google Apps Free edition.

To set company-wide automatic email signatures for your Google Workspace organization (or whole domain) using the Append footer option, follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your Google Admin Console at admin.google.com and click the Apps icon

01 - Google Workspace admin panel

  1. In the resulting page click Google Workspace.

02 - Google Workspace services

  1. Now, choose the Gmail icon. Note that the Status on the right side should indicate it is turned on.

Google Workspace Apps

  1.  Scroll down and click the Advanced Settings button.

Google Workspace - advanced settings

  1. You have just arrived at Advanced Settings for Gmail. Under Organizations select the domain or organization you want to create the signature for (child organizations will inherit the setting) and then type append in the search box or just find the Append footer bar. Click the Configure button, which appears when you glide over the Append footer bar.

Google Workspace Append footer

  1. In the pop-up Add setting window, you can compose your signature. The editor is very similar to the one which is used to compose email signatures in Gmail. The signature can contain text, hyperlinks, and images. Keep in mind that the footer will be identical for all your users, so it is best to include only general information.You also have to add a description to the setting (e.g. ‘Company-wide signature’) and decide whether the signature will be added to internal emails using the Append the footer to messages being sent within your organization option.Click Add Setting when finished.

Google Workspace Append footer settings

  1. The pop-up window will close automatically. Click Save changes at the bottom of the Advanced settings page.
  2. Your signature is now ready. Perform a test to make sure it works, but keep in mind that it will not be displayed when users compose new emails (Fig. 5). This is because it is attached on the server level. Incidentally, this means that your Append footer setting will apply to Google Workspace mail regardless of the email client (Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, etc.) used.

When the email reaches the recipient, the signature is already there. Mind that when the message users send an email message in the plain text format, the signature will also be in plain text format. In other words, the images and hyperlinks defined in the Google Admin Console editor will not be visible, leaving only the text part of the signature.

Limitations of the automatic email signatures in Google Workspace

Features missing from the email signatures applied by the Google Admin Console editor:

  • Display name and email address variables updated by information in individual users’ profiles;
  • Tables;
  • Hyperlinks and tooltips in images
  • HTML source access.
  • Email signatures visible while composing a new message and in the Sent Items folder.

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26 thoughts on “Company-wide automatic email signatures in Google Workspace (G Suite)

  1. Selina Sauls

    This did NOT work for me, it gave me a message saying it was missing a description….but didn’t say where to put a description…..

    1. Paweł Krzemiński

      Hi Selina,

      At what point did you get the message? Also, check if you provided a name for the footer in the Append footer window (Step 4 – in my example the name is “A company wide signature”).


  2. Garima

    The footer is getting appended multiple times, i.e. as many times as a reply is made to the same thread. How can this be solved?

    1. Paweł Krzemiński

      Hi Garima,

      This is correct behavior. There is no other way of configuring email signatures within Google Apps.

      Using CodeTwo Email Signatures you will be able to centrally deploy footers directly to users’ gmail accounts. They will see the footer when they start to compose a new email or reply, at which point they will be able to delete or modify it.

      Let me know if you need more info about the application.

      Best regards,

    2. Josh

      I have this same problem. How did you solve it? There’s got to be a way inside google apps w/o resorting to a third party program.

  3. Hussain

    I am having google apps users i need to configure all default signature but we are using all users in microsoft office outlook Is it possible can fix for all in outlook

    1. Paweł Krzemiński

      Hi Hussain,

      If you apply the instructions from my article, the signature will be added to emails from all clients configured with a Google Apps account, including Outlook.

      Remember that the signature will be added after a user sends an email, so the user will not see the signature when composing the email. To enable your users to see the signature you can use CodeTwo Email Signatures: http://www.codetwo.com/email-signatures/?sts=3054. The application comes with a 30-day trial which you can download here: http://www.codetwo.com/email-signatures/download?sts=3054

      Hope this helps,

      1. David

        I used a the Rules option – Oh hang on that was in my Office 365 admin console. There doesn’t appear to be a Rules option in Google as that’s a bit half baked with regard to some features.


        I am having problem with one user, the company wide signature is not appearing for this particular user. The user is in our group and member of all staff group.

        Any thought?


  4. Mozze

    I was looking for footer on compose and since its not shown when composing, i was worried it wasn’t working. Alas it is there when its received by recipient. Thanks for saving me the trouble.

  5. Jen

    How do you get an image to be in the footer? I click the image icon, and paste the URL to where the image was saved but it doesn’t show up.

    1. Kamil Glaser

      Hi Jen,
      Where did you upload the image you would like to have in your email signature? It may be an issue with permissions on the target site. Or if it is on an image hosting site, you might have to change the url a little.

  6. David Ibrahim

    I just want to get something straight. Is it that Gmail Admin Console has no option to add company-wide email signatures to every Gmail user accounts in such a way that the individual user’s name (like first name and last name) and title can reflect automatically?

  7. Nikhil kapure

    do you know if I can disable my automatic banner in signature to outside companies? Since it highlights Palo Alto, I’d like to disable it when I send emails to Sophos for example.

    Can user able to append this ? and disable company signature?

    1. Kamil Glaser

      Hi Nikhil,
      The automatic signature will be appended to all emails, you cannot set rules to append it only in some cases.
      All users can replace or update it if they want.

  8. Sanket


    Footer gets appended correctly, except when we send mails from iphone mail, when it sends only in plain text. How to resolve this?

    1. Kamil Glaser

      Hi Sanket,
      The default behavior for iPhone mail app is to send emails in plain text format. To change this, go to Mail > Preferences > Composing and change Message format to Rich Text. Then, while composing an email, format the text in its body at least once (for example, apply bold font) and send the message. Visit this article for detailed instructions.

      1. Sanket

        Thanks Kamil, worked like a charm!!

        Also wanted to check if the appended footer appear in sent mails?

        Thanks a lot for your help.

        1. Kamil Glaser

          Sorry, the signature is applied on the server level and it will not appear in the Sent Items folder. To test if it works well, set it up and send an email to yourself.
          If you need to see automatic, centrally-managed emails in Sent Items, you would have to use a third-party tool. For G Suite, it would be a CodeTwo Email Signatures for Email Clients. Using this software, you can automatically apply email signatures to everyone in your company, including their personal information.

  9. Jinane

    we are using gapps for education, can we include information like title & dept in the footer? with no third-party?

    1. Kamil Glaser

      Hi Jinane,
      I am afraid that automatically personalized email signatures are not available in G Suite natively. So without any third-party app, you will need to ask users to fill in their contact information.


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