How to promote your CSR initiatives with an email signature

How to promote your CSR initiatives with an email signature

Promote your CSR activities in email communications

Over the last decade or so, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has come into focus of businesses around the world. It caught everyone’s interest, from small start-ups to large multinational enterprises. This positive trend is not only related to consumers’ becoming more conscious of environmental or social problems, but also to tangible benefits for companies who – more or less successfully – try to integrate CSR initiatives into their business activity.

Why CSR counts?

Apart from the obvious advantages such as helping the environment and the less fortunate, CSR initiatives (as stated above) can bring measurable benefits to businesses that decide to put them into practice. There is a lot of research that backs up the increasing role of CSR in today’s world. For example, on analyzing the 2019 AFLAC CSR survey,1 you can learn that:

  • 77% of American consumers feel motivated to buy from companies involved in CSR,
  • 68% of the consumers would recommend a CSR-involved business to others, or
  • 49% of the consumers (vs. 37% of them) claim making the world a better place should be more important for a company than making money for its stakeholders.

What’s more, the trend on the increasing importance of CSR is on the rise, as next generations pay more and more attention to how companies make the environment and society better (41% Millennials vs. 27% Gen-X vs. 16% Boomers).

1 2019 AFLAC CSR SURVEY (accessed on 22.09.2023).

Why and how to promote CSR in email communications?

Among a bunch of marketing channels, email is often the one that’s overlooked or underestimated and for no good reason. It is still an important means of communication in business world with a regular employee sending 200 emails a week (10,000 emails a year) on average.

So how to incorporate CSR into your email communications? It’s simple. Use an email signature with a slogan and banner that best conveys your initiatives and ideas. As they say, ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’ Better still, it’ll be even simpler when you make use of our 100% free email signature inspirations below and our generator to adapt a selected email signature template to your very needs.

CSR email signature inspirations

Let’s be proactive to save the Earth

One of the 2023 CSR trends are local initiatives led jointly by businesses and local communities. Use one of these two email signature templates to promote activities in which your organization is involved.

Inspiration 1

Planting trees is a very popular way of helping the environment and, in the end, the humanity. So, why not get involved in a tree-planting initiative and use this green email signature template to show off your commitment and encourage others to join. You can easily link the call-to-action banner to your social media post where you promote a joint tree-planting activity or show a photo coverage of the recently completed one. The overall green appearance of the email signature perfectly fits the idea of an environment-targeted CSR initiative.

Email signature template to promote tree planting activities

Download this free template or personalize it using our email signature generator

Inspiration 2

This email signature template also fits the idea of environmental activities, but it’s more universal or generic. This banner with a clickable button will do for any eco initiative, like a tree-planting, recycling, water-saving campaign. The elegant color combination of golden and navy blue will not only bring environment-related impressions, but also add a premium touch to your email communication.

Elegant & universal CSR email signature template

Download this universal CSR email signature from our template library or edit it to your liking

Don’t just talk (about) rubbish – act!

Rubbish, garbage, refuse, waste or litter – whatever you call it, it now means serious trouble for the humanity and the nature. Use the following two inspirations to do something about the pollution of the environment by the omnipresent waste.

Inspiration 1

Waste sorting and recycling are common ways to deal with garbage in the developed countries. Still, it’s a good idea to remind your customers of those good practices or show how you apply them in your organization. Regardless of the purpose, you can earn a reputation of environmentally conscious business, which will do only good for your brand. The neat layout of the informative part in aquamarine and brown colors perfectly complements the banner.

Email signature template promoting waste recycling initiatives

Get this email signature template for free or edit it to match your taste

Inspiration 2

Are millennials or Gen-Z-ers your target? Do you want to inspire them to do something positive about garbage? Use this eye-catching email signature template combining yellow and blue. Link the ‘industrial,’ call-to-action banner to your blog or social media campaign with tips on managing the waste. The minimalistic informative part with beautiful, circular social media icons is also likely to match the tastes of the younger generations.

Email signature template to promote CSR among the young

Download this call-to-action CSR email signature template or edit it for further adjustments

Help the less-fortunate

Now, let’s switch to the more social aspect of CSR. With this generic signature template in various shades of blue, you can easily promote any initiative targeted at those in need – the poor, the hungry, the homeless, etc. You can also personalize the banner with your logo to make the looks and the campaign truly yours. Also, use the space provided to include your photo and make your call more authentic and convincing.

Email signature template to promote social CSR initiatives

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There’s always carbon footprint to reduce

Reducing carbon footprint isn’t a new idea but it hasn’t lost its relevance, either. Use this green-colored, easy-on-the-eye signature template to encourage your email recipients to join in the common cause and to promote your environmental activities. Additionally, make a good use of the upper part of the signature – there’s a plenty of space for your customers or partners to find all the necessary details about you and your company.

Email signature that promotes reducing carbon footprint initiatives

Download this CSR-themed email signature or adapt it to your needs free of charge

Be true about your CSR activities

There’s one more important thing to remember about, that is, being honest with your employees, partners and customers about all you do in terms of CSR. Your words must always go in line with your actions. And it’s easier to achieve that if your CSR plan supports your company’s business activity. Otherwise, you and your organization might face embarrassment and reputation loss, or even end up being accused of greenwashing (showing or branding something as eco-friendly, green or sustainable when this is not the case).

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