IT email signature - how to design an email signature for IT professional

IT email signature – how to design an email signature for IT professional

IT email signature – how to design an email signature for IT professional

Email signatures have many different functions. Apart from their marketing value, they also provide an easy and quick way to find out who contacted us and why. Let us see how a good IT email signature might look like.

learn how to design a great email signature for IT professional - IT email signature

Download this example, for other templates available free of charge, follow this link.

This signature is suitable for IT professionals for a few reasons:


Blue and grey are automatically correlated with IT and technology. Moreover, various shades shown as pixels look appealing to the eye and give a modern and professional feel. The template is not overly eye-catching and for a reason – it should be an integrated part of the message, with no promotional banners.


The clear sections provide an easy way to find out who the sender of the message is and how to contact them. What is more, the photo is a much more effective way of finding out the identity of the message’s sender than just their name. People like to know that there is a face on the other side of the screen. Therefore, an email signature for IT professional should definitely include a nice, smiley face.

Below personal information, a quote can be found. You can use it for variety of reasons, for example:

  • as a reminder about a policy which is in action,
  • in order to provide a link to a procedure or user’s manual,
  • also, as an attempt at humor.

Free Email Signature Generator - IT department sample email signature


You might wonder about why anyone should add an email address to an email signature. While some people think this is redundant, it comes in handy in many situations. First of all, many email clients strip emails from their headers when a message is forwarded, besides, like a good business card,  an IT email signature should create a whole, which is then easier to remember.

Software tip

To create, manage and ensure signatures are always intact throughout a company, it is worth using CodeTwo solutions for email signatures. Managing various signatures for different departments can become virtually effortless. Learn more about central email signature management and how CodeTwo can help you implement it.

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