How to automatically remove emojis from emails on Exchange Server?

How to automatically remove emojis from emails on Exchange Server?

Most people think that emoticons are a necessity in everyday mail communication, whereas some purely treat them as a mean to undermine their professional credibility. And consequently, attempt to sustain their inbound mail communication in more formal style. Unfortunately, Exchange Server platform does not provide sufficient tools to filter out or replace unwanted strings of signs, and establishing new rules in mail flow does not really solve the issue. The only way through is to use a third party solution.

CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro is a centrally managed tool that tackles email flow control on Exchange. Its main service is directly deployed on a server communication pipeline and requires only a few touches from an administrator to be configured and start working. This fully packed toolbox allows users to swiftly modify incoming and outgoing messages by simply setting up appropriate rules. Creating a rule to eliminate emoticons from your Exchange mail is a piece of cake. Just check this out:

How to automatically remove emojis from emails on Exchange Server?

1) After launching the program the main view appears, click +Add button on the left hand side below the List of Rules caption. There are several ready presets for the most common rules used by administrators. Let’s click New rule (clean).

New rule in Exchange Rules Pro

2) Then we provide the Rule name in Overview tab, and optionally type in some comments.

Rule name

3) In Conditions tab there is no need for any criteria that an email must meet, if we leave the conditions list empty the rule will be applied to all internal, external and incoming communication respectively. We don’t want to set any exceptions either, so let’s skip Exceptions tab and jump straight to the Actions tab.

Exceptions and conditions tab

4) It’s time to set a specified action for emails, in this case we select the +Add… button in the List of actions and choose Remove keywords from the provided set of options.

Action 'Remove keywords'

5) On the right hand side in the Action definition – Remove keywords list we click the +Add… button, and the Add keyword window should pop up. There we type in signs / emoticon in the Keyword text field and make sure that the Remove from: Body and subject option is selected, and Remove blank spaces is ticked. We click the OK button for confirmation.

Add keyword

6) By repeating step five we populate the list with emoticons that we want to eliminate from mail flow. When it is completed, click Submit changes in the left corner at the top of the main view.

And that’s it!


Test mail answer

Managing rules in mail flow is one of the many features that CodeTwo Exchange Rules is equipped with. The program encompasses a wide range of possibilities which include personalization and modification of email signatures and disclaimers, adding marketing banners and images to emails, managing attachments, scanning for sensitive content, and much more.

If you would like to try a 30-day trial version of CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro please visit our download page.

In order to learn more about CodeTwo products please visit our website.

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