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Email signature inspirations for Valentine’s Day

Email signature inspirations for Valentine's Day

[Update]: This article was last updated on February 9, 2024 with some new inspirations.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s the perfect time to show your beloved ones, from friends to parents, children and even pets, that they’re close to your heart. The upward trend in Valentine’s Day spending confirms that most people agree with this attitude. According to the U.S. National Retail Federation, Americans plan to spend nearly $26 billion on Valentine’s Day in 2023 – it’s an increase of $2 billion over 2022. What’s more, Valentine’s Day spending is second only to the Christmas holiday season. All in all, this is a perfect opportunity to show your recipients some love (and boost your sales at the same time).

We have been working hard to bring you some email signature templates which will help you do just that and much more. Check out our collection of ideas & inspirations for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. All the provided templates are free, so don’t hesitate to use them for both personal and professional purposes.

Inspiration 1 – Love is in the air

You can find hearts in many shapes and sizes in this gorgeous email signature template. The red and pink promotional banner can be used as a link to your store or just to make this special occasion even sweeter for your recipients. We also added heart-shaped social media icons to focus your customers’ attention on today’s most powerful sales channel.

Free Valentine's Day signature template – Love is in the air

Adjust the email signature template to your needs or download it now

Inspiration 2 – Love letters

With this email signature template, it’s even easier to add some love to your business correspondence. And if heart-shaped social media icons are not enough, we also added a Valentine’s-themed promotional banner with a beautiful calligraphy at the top. This template also comes with a place for your company logo and a legal disclaimer to stay compliant with applicable laws.

Free Valentine's Day signature template – Love letters

Download this signature template for free or edit it with the signature generator

Inspiration 3 – Flowery blush

Valentine’s Day can be painful when forgotten. This email signature template will remind your customers to prepare for the occasion in advance. Just link the rosy banner to your store and make your recipients grateful for this small reminder. The template also comes fully equipped with a space for your company logo, a legal disclaimer, social media icons, and even a user photo.

Free Valentine's Day signature template – Flowery blush

Download this Valentine’s-themed email signature template or edit it for further adjustments

Inspiration 4 – Golden ring

In this email signature template designed specifically for Valentine’s Day, you can find a simple yet very elegant vertical banner with a golden ring and a metallic-gradient frame. For a perfect match, we added golden ring-shaped social media icons right at the bottom of the template. Feel free to upload a user photo at the top or exchange it for a company logo for stronger branding.

Free Valentine's Day signature template – Golden ring

Click here to edit the template in our signature generator or download it right away

Bonus: free banners to sweeten up your email signature

If Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and your corporate email signature is not ready for all this love, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with a package of four free banners to include in your business correspondence straight away. They come in a variety of sizes, so you can choose the one that suits you best without being concerned about ruining the signature template you already use.

Set of free to use Valentine's Day themed advertising banners for email signature templates

We prepared our free advertising banners for those who need a Valentine’s sale booster. But those who just want to decorate their emails with a bit of pink and red for this time of the season will also find an option. Download the banners for free in a .zip file linked here and use them as you like.

If you like our banners, but you still haven’t set yourself up with an email signature, you can do it easily with our free email signature generator. Simply pick a template, adjust it to your needs and add one of the downloaded banners to fit the size. In case of any struggles, let our manual guide you through each step.

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The best email signatures for 2023

The best email signatures for 2023

The year 2023 is already in full swing and you want to use the momentum to keep things fresh. A small step towards that goal might be updating your email signature. If that’s the case, you might be wondering what email signature designs are trending and where to find inspiration.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article, we’ve put together some examples of best email signatures for 2023 to spark your imagination.

Trends in email signature design in 2023

Email signature design is constantly evolving. The last time we took a close look at modern trends was in 2020. Three years don’t seem like much and it’s true that the same core principles of esthetics still apply. However, there are some interesting new trends (the 2023 buzzwords are #inclusion, #tweetlike, #charity #csr #csat) in the current email signature designs which you might want to incorporate into your signature. To get a better understanding of how an email signature template should appear nowadays, have a look at the collection of contemporary email signature inspirations below.

Streaming & vlogging

If you are a streamer or a vlogger who wants to promote their channel, check out email signatures below. Such signatures don’t only sign off your emails, they showcase your content & grow your followers. Whether you are a streamer, a vlogger, or both, you can use an email signature to highlight your streaming accounts.

Inspiration 1

This eye-catching email signature example really draws attention with its neon colors and is perfect for a streamer. In addition to standard social media icons for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, it also includes TikTok and Discord buttons, as well as a Twitch mini-banner. Even though the signature is packed with graphical elements, its two-column layout keeps all details organized.

The best email signatures for 2023 - streaming & vlogging 1

Inspiration 2

This email signature template is a perfect match for a vlogger. It’s a toned-down design which will appeal to a different audience than the one above. Readability is crucial, therefore all elements are grouped for easy identification. The large banner at the top can link to your newest videos and the small banner at the bottom can take the recipients to your TikTok bio.

The best email signatures for 2023 - streaming & vlogging 2

Download this free template or edit it in our email signature generator to personalize it

Inclusive design

An email signature typically contains your name, contact information, and other relevant details about you or your company. But it can also be a powerful tool to communicate the organization’s identity, values, and commitment to diversity and inclusion. By adding such information, you can make a positive impression on your recipients and build trust and rapport with them. This can also inspire others to be more inclusive and respectful in their communication and interactions. Many of 2023 email signature designs show that inclusion becomes more and more important.

Inspiration 3

One way to make email signatures more inclusive is to add gender pronouns. We’ve seen a major increase in such email signatures in 2023. This shows respect for people’s gender identities and helps avoid misgendering. It also encourages others to share their pronouns and creates a more welcoming and safe environment for everyone. From a design perspective, it’s best to add pronouns next to or under your name (as shown in the example below). That’s where most people expect to find them. This signature inspiration also includes a direct Zoom link in form of a call-to-action (CTA) button to allow for quick video calls with you.

The best email signatures for 2023 - inclusive design 1

Inspiration 4

You can also make email signatures more inclusive by adding name pronunciation details. This helps avoid confusion or embarrassment in communication, shows the company’s respect for people’s names and cultural backgrounds, and fosters more positive and personal connections. The following email signature design includes a CTA button which you can link to an audio recording. Thanks to the toned-down design, this signature template is suitable for both personal and professional use.

The best email signatures for 2023 - inclusive design 2

Download this email signature from our template library or edit it to your liking

Tweet-like signatures

Not all email signatures are created equal. Some can be too long, too cluttered, or too boring. Here’s where tweet-like email signatures come into the picture. Those 2023 email signature designs are crisp, concise and catchy. Such signatures use minimal elements such as small logos, sometimes also small banners, and a few words to convey the essential information. They are inspired by the brevity and clarity of tweets, and they can make your emails stand out from the crowd.

Inspiration 5

Take a look at the email signature below. It’s simple, compact and short. A perfect choice for business communication. It’s certainly not lacking in any department, it includes: contact details, company logo, social media buttons, and even a small marketing banner. Everything is there, presented in a minimalistic form which can easily match your corporate style.

The best email signatures for 2023 - tweet-like signature 1

Inspiration 6

This tweet-like email signature is a great example of how less is more. Despite its small size, the signature still conveys all the essential details – contact information, linked social media icons and logo (or photo). It’s a straight-to-the-point template which is ideal for replies, forwards, and internal correspondence.

The best email signatures for 2023 - tweet-like signature 2

Adjust this email signature template to your needs or download it now

Charity-themed signatures

If you are running a charity or a non-profit organization, you know how important it is to communicate your mission and vision to your audience. One of the ways to do that is by using a tailored email signature that reflects your values and goals. Such a signature can also help you increase your visibility, credibility, and fundraising potential.

Inspiration 7

This original design includes a banner encouraging your recipients to make donations. You can also find a sample disclaimer at the bottom of the template. Although the signature’s been primarily designed with charitable organizations in mind, you can replace the graphics to fit your needs.

The best email signatures for 2023 - charity-themed signature

Click here to edit the template in our signature generator or download it right away

Corporate social responsibility & sustainability

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability are two important aspects of any organization that wants to make a positive impact on the world. In 2023, many people look for companies that aren’t all about making profit. An effective channel for showcasing the commitment to these values is email, and email signatures are the perfect place to promote your mission. They can be used to display information about the company’s social and environmental initiatives, such as carbon footprint reduction, charity donations, ethical sourcing, etc. Such an email signature can help you build trust among recipients, motivate employees to share your vision, lead and innovate in your industry and society, and support causes that matter to you and your community.

Inspiration 8

A cleaner future requires both big and small actions. Email signatures can also contribute to the environmental efforts of any individual or organization. Vibrant shades of green used for the banner and the social media buttons make this design perfect for any company wanting to make a statement. Show you care about the environment and ask others to refrain from printing your message.

The best email signatures for 2023 - CSR & sustainability

Download this signature template for free or edit it with the signature generator

Measuring customer satisfaction

Your image in today’s world is shaped by what others think of you. People’s opinions can lift or sink entire businesses. That’s why seeking feedback on your products, services or marketing campaigns is essential. A simple way to learn what your customers think about your company is to use one-click customer satisfaction (CSAT) surveys in your email signatures. Those surveys are quick, accessible, and painless for the customers. That’s why there is a major increase in CSAT surveys in 2023 email signatures.

Inspiration 9

The inspiration below is a great example of how to collect CSAT ratings. The template is designed to catch the recipient’s eye with its contrasty, vivid colors (mainly Pantone’s Color of the Year 2023 – Viva Magenta) and fancy icons. Additionally, the included banner boasts a catchy tagline. This appealing email signature can also be used from time to time to spice up the regular email correspondence and draw the recipients’ attention.

The best email signatures for 2023 - CSAT

Looking for more inspirations?

For more email signature inspirations, explore our email signature generator and signature template library – they are completely free of charge.

Need an email signature solution?

If you need a solution for designing and managing corporate email signatures, have a look at our email signature management tools for both Microsoft 365 and on-premises Exchange. Our software will help you discover the true potential of your email communication:

  • Manage email signatures for the entire organization from one place.
  • Set up rules to add professional email signatures to emails sent from any email client or device.
  • Create sender- and recipient-specific email signatures.
  • Schedule email marketing campaigns.
  • Add one-click CSAT surveys to email correspondence.
  • Automatically add user photos to email signatures.
  • Manage automatic replies and out of office messages.
  • And much more…

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Free email signature templates and inspirations to celebrate Easter and spring

[Update]: This article was updated on March 29, 2023 to reflect current trends.

Time moves on and seasons change. The sun gets higher in the sky and the days get longer and warmer. Overall, spring makes us feel better, revitalized and recharged. It’s time to share this mood in your email signatures. We’ve prepared a set of beautiful Easter and spring-themed email signatures to do just that. And, as always, you can use them for personal and business use for free.

Free email signature templates and inspirations to celebrate Easter and spring

Spring-themed free email signature templates

Spring is here

Free spring signature template – Spring is here

Nothing says spring is here quite like the view of blooming flowers. Put some of that spring vibe into your email messages and see your correspondence stand out with colors. The overall design of the signature is toned down, though, so that the recipients don’t get overwhelmed.

Download this email signature template to attract your recipients’ attention

Spring celebration

Free spring signature template – Spring celebration

Spring is seen by many as a time of growth, new life and new beginnings. With the coming of this season, wildlife starts to wake up from its slumber and so do we. We need to recharge our batteries after the gloomy winter and a colorful email signature accompanied by a cheerful bunny will surely brighten up any dreary inbox.

Download this email signature from our template library or edit it to your liking

Free email signature inspirations for Easter

Bunny-tastic Easter

Free Easter signature template – Bunny-tastic Easter

If you are searching for an Easter-themed email signature, but a bit more on the elegant side, look no further. The minimalistic design, paired with the warm color of the matching banner and social media icons, make for a very professional appearance. Express your festive joy in a sophisticated and modern manner with this free signature template.

Go modern and elegant with this free signature template

Egg hunting

Free Easter signature template – Egg hunting

Easter is a time of reflection and renewal, a time of celebration with our closest family members. Use this festive email signature, decorated with egg-shaped social media icons to remind your recipients that Easter is nigh and let them enjoy this egg-hunting time of the year. Remember to link the banner to your Easter sales offers, so that everyone who clicks the fluffy bunny can enjoy your best seasonal offers.

Click here to download the email signature or modify it in our editor as you see fit

Traditional Easter

Free spring signature template – Traditional Easter

If you are looking for an elegant theme for your emails, this signature template perfectly captures the essence of Easter. It’s traditional, natural, and symbolic. It brings to mind Easter customs and the time we share with our families.

Click here to edit the signature or download it and start using it right away.

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How to add email signatures in Outlook for Microsoft 365 and Outlook on the web (OWA)

Microsoft Outlook is the go-to email client for most businesses and enterprises. This is no surprise, as it has been around for decades and managed to become the ‘gold standard’ of this software category in the meantime. Outlook has evolved a lot since its first appearance, leading to its supposedly final form, “Outlook 365”. In this article, I’m going to quickly explain what Outlook 365 stands for and how to set up email signatures in this Microsoft-365-powered email client.

How to add email signatures in Outlook for Microsoft 365 and Outlook on the web (OWA)

Outlook 365: Outlook for Microsoft 365 vs Outlook on the web (OWA)

It might come as a bit of a surprise, but officially, there’s no such thing as “Outlook 365”. There are two Outlook versions which this name may relate to: Outlook for Microsoft 365 and Outlook on the web. Both come as a part of the Microsoft 365 subscription, which is probably the reason why so many users came to name them “Outlook 365”. This can be very confusing, especially since the name doesn’t explain whether the user means the app installed locally or the webmail version. The name stuck nonetheless and nowadays can be found all over the Internet, including tech community forums and specialist websites.

To be precise, Outlook for Microsoft 365 is the version of the app installed on desktop or laptop computers. It’s the most recent iteration, originating from a long line of apps included in Microsoft Office suites and standalone programs, so you might say it’s the longest known, as it brings to the table all the features and improvements implemented over the years.

Outlook on the web, on the other hand, is the webmail version of Outlook, allowing you to access your email account through your web browser. Besides being part of a Microsoft 365 subscription, it’s also available for organizations using on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 & 2019. By the way, the name “Outlook on the web” is being used interchangeably with “OWA”. The abbreviation actually stands for “Outlook Web App”, which was the official name of the app used with Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 & 2010, formerly called “Outlook Web Access” in case of Microsoft Exchange Server versions older than 2010. The biggest difference in comparison to Outlook for Microsoft 365 is that you don’t have to install anything on your computer or mobile device to use Outlook on the web.

Learn more about the differences between Outlook versions on this Microsoft’s site

How to set up email signatures

Now, let’s dive in and have a look at individual processes of setting up email signatures in Outlook for Microsoft 365 and Outlook on the web.

Outlook for Microsoft 365

Follow the steps below to set up an email signature in the desktop Outlook 365:

  1. Open the Outlook for PC app from the Start menu or from the taskbar.
Opening the Outlook for PC app
  1. In Outlook, click New Email (or use the Ctrl + N key combination) to open a new message window.
  1. Next, click Signature in the Include group and choose Signatures.
Navigating from the New Email message window

Note: Another way to start configuring your email signatures is to go to File (on the ribbon) > Options. Next, in the Outlook Options window, select the Mail tab and click Signatures in the Compose messages section.

  1. In the Signatures and Stationery window, click New and provide a name for your signature.
Creating a new signature
  1. Create your signature in the Edit signature section. Use available formatting tools to modify its appearance.
Editing the signature

Note: The formatting tools offered in the Outlook signature editor are quite basic. If you wish to achieve a more sophisticated and polished design, you can use a free email signature generator to create an advanced signature template. Simply choose Outlook as the target email platform, select one of the many available templates, adjust it to your needs and there you go. Your signature is ready to be copied and pasted into the Outlook editor.

  1. The Choose default signature section can be used to define which email account should get the signature (in case there is more than one email account set up in Outlook), and whether it should be added to new messages and/or replies/forwards. Once you are done, save changes by clicking OK.
Choosing default signatures
  1. In case you selected your signature to be treated as default for new messages, you will see it every time you compose a new email.
Default signature for new messages

Note: If you didn’t select your signature as the default one, you will still be able to add it manually every time you write a new email. It will be available after clicking the Signature button in the Include group.

Adding the signature manually to a new message

That’s all there is to it. If you wish to create more Outlook signatures, simply follow the steps from point 3 onwards. You can create as many of them as you need – they will appear on a list visible after clicking the aforementioned Signature button.

Outlook on the web

The steps required to configure email signatures in the ”Outlook 365” webmail client are a bit different than in case of the desktop app:

  1. Open your Outlook on the web either by selecting the Outlook App in your Office home page, or by using this direct link.
Opening Outlook on the web
  1. Click the Gear icon in the top-right corner and select View all Outlook settings.
Opening the Outlook on the web settings menu
  1. In the navigation pane on the left, go to Mail > Compose and reply. You can also use this direct link to reach the signature editor panel. Use the provided editor box to enter your signature text, apply formatting as well as to add images or links.
Navigating to the signature editor panel

Note: If you wish to achieve a more refined appearance, you can use a free email signature generator with lots of advanced signature templates that you can fill in with all the necessary details and copy into the editor box in Outlook on the web.

  1. The two drop-down menus under the signature editor let you decide whether the created signature should be added automatically to your new messages and replies/forwards respectively.

Note: It is possible to create and use multiple signatures for a single mailbox – similarly to the Outlook desktop client. Just click the New signature button after you have saved your first signature to create another one.

Once you are done, save changes and close the settings window.

Saving the email signature
  1. If you select your signature(s) in one of or in both drop-down menus, it will appear in the compose message window as you type your email in the appropriate scenario. In case you left the menus’ default settings (No signature), you will still be able to add your signature manually while composing email.
Adding the signature manually while composing an email

Limitations of signatures set up by users

As you can see in the above guides, setting up a professional email signature is a fully manual process. From the company’s viewpoint, it comes with some limitations and risks:

  • If a company cares about their brand and wants to have unified look of their emails, the process needs to be repeated individually for or by everyone within the organization. It’s highly time-consuming, especially when you consider some less proficient users who will require support to properly apply their signatures. Not to mention the recurring efforts in case of any signature updates in the future.
  • The more users requiring signatures, the higher the risk of incomplete or outdated data, inconsistent design, missing legally required information (no disclaimers or company data).
  • Creating original, visually appealing (and working properly across different email clients and devices) signatures requires advanced HTML and CSS skills.
  • Nothing stops users from using wrong personal information or applying custom layout.
  • And more.

Being aware of those limitations, you may want to change the way email signatures are managed in your organization. Instead of leaving this task to users, many companies decide to manage email signatures centrally.

Central management of email signatures

Building and promoting a company’s brand is a continuous process and every employee interacting with customers or business partners needs to be seen as a brand ambassador. Email correspondence takes up a considerable part of that professional interaction, therefore email signatures should not be underestimated. They are a powerful way to convey the sender’s professionalism and tell the recipients whether the organization cares about its image.

Managing email signatures centrally ensures that they are kept under control and stay up-to-date, consistent in design and aesthetic and are personalized across the whole company. This way, email signatures can be carefully crafted (and implemented organization-wide) to send a strong message that helps the brand, promotes offers and supports the business.

It also allows for automation of a rather unexciting task, letting employees focus on their own work instead. Not to mention getting rid of issues connected to user carelessness or lack of technical skills.

Central management via Exchange Online

Exchange Online allows for central management of email signatures and disclaimers for the entire Microsoft 365 organization. It is possible to set up email signatures and legal disclaimers, which are added to email messages that enter or leave your organization. To achieve this, it is necessary to create a mail flow rule (with the Append the disclaimer action specified) that adds the required information to email messages. And since mail flow rules may include many different conditions and exceptions, it is also possible to create separate signature templates for different departments or even specific users.

However, the process might turn out to be troublesome for someone doing this for the first time. That is why we’ve prepared a short video guide explaining:

  • How to set up an email signature rule in the Exchange admin center.
  • Where to get the HTML code with Active Directory placeholders for the signature template.
  • How the global email signatures work from the user’s perspective.
  • What the limitations of signature rules are.
  • What tricks are possible to make the signature-adding-rule more useful.

Besides the Exchange admin center, it is also possible to achieve similar results using PowerShell and VBScript. The immediate drawback of these two methods is that the former only works for Outlook on the web (OWA) and the latter only for the desktop client.


Although those management methods are better than setting up all email clients separately, they are still not perfect. They come with a lot of limitations:

  • Lack of a dedicated, user-friendly HTML editor.
  • No automatic users’ photos in email signatures.
  • Delegation of signature management is impossible.
  • Signatures don’t show up directly under replies/forwards.
  • It’s not possible to use embedded images.
  • Signatures not visible while typing or in Sent Items.
  • Blank spaces in signatures in case of missing Active Directory values.
  • No Active Directory attribute picker.
  • Forcing email format is not available.
  • No multitenancy support.

The above list is intended to highlight the constraints most commonly faced by businesses and as such is not exhaustive. Read this article to learn more about the limitations of native functionalities

Central management via CodeTwo Email Signatures 365

While the above list seems a long one, overcoming all those limitations is easier than you might think. Although they cannot be fixed natively, a dedicated tool, such as CodeTwo Email Signatures 365, can solve all related issues and do much more for your Microsoft 365 email signatures.

The service reinvents handling email signatures in Microsoft 365 organizations:

  • Manage all signatures centrally
    You can use a single rule to apply personalized email signatures to everyone in a Microsoft 365 organization. Signatures are added to emails sent from every device and email client. You can adjust signature templates to look differently for chosen departments or users.
  • WYSIWYG HTML template editor
    Easily create advanced email signatures that work on all email clients and mobile devices, automatically convert your signatures into HTML, Plain Text and RTF formats, insert Active Directory placeholders, edit signature layout, change colors and fonts, insert images, logos or Microsoft 365 users’ photos, etc.
  • Signatures visible while composing emails and in user’s Sent Items folders
    CodeTwo Email Signatures 365 is the first email signature management software for Microsoft 365 that allows you to preview signatures that will be added in the cloud and to display signatures in users’ Sent Items folders across various devices and email clients.
  • Support for Entra ID fields and custom attributes
    Besides the fields available in Microsoft Entra ID (Azure Active Directory), you can add custom attributes that are not available in Entra ID, or you can let your end users update their signature information themselves (without impact on the original values stored in Entra ID).
  • Embedded logos and images
    Add company logo and marketing banners as inline attachments. This way, images are not blocked by recipients’ email clients on receiving an email.
  • User photos in email signatures
    Add Microsoft 365 users’ photos to email signatures.
  • And a whole lot more.

See the product’s page to learn more and test the tool for free or watch the following short video to learn why companies choose our software: