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Email signature generator manual & FAQ

Our free email signature generator allows you to conveniently create a well-formatted email signature for some of the popular mail platforms. To learn how to use it, follow these steps:

  1. Choose an email platform
  2. Select a signature template
  3. Fill in your signature template
  4. Replace the default graphics
  5. Change style
  6. Social media links
  7. Remember my details
  8. Apply your signature
  9. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Choose an email platform

The free email signature generator lets you choose from the following email platforms:

Email signature generator manual - choosing email platform

Depending on the platform, the output signature will be available:

  • in the HTML format (applies to: Thunderbird, Exchange Server, Exchange Online)
  • to be copied to the clipboard (applies to Outlook, New Outlook, Outlook 365, Gmail, Apple Mail).

After you design your email signature, you will get step-by-step guidelines on how to apply it to the chosen mail platform.

Select a signature template

The preview is displayed directly below (or at the bottom, if you view this page on a mobile device).

Generate email signature preview

The email signature generator comes with various types of signature templates, including both simple, minimalistic designs and templates with photos, banners, logos, and social media links. You can change your template anytime.

Fill in your signature template

To create your own email signature, you need to replace the default information with your own details:

Enter your email signature details

Depending on the selected signature template, different sections and fields are available. These fields include sample data, so you need to replace this data with your own. Our generator keeps the information you provide, so you can switch between different signature templates during the editing process (the signature details are removed when you close or refresh the page in your web browser).

If you don’t want to include certain fields in your email signature, simply clear all data from these fields. Blank fields do not appear in the signature preview. For example, if you don’t want to include a mobile phone number in your signature, clear all data from the Mobile number field.

If you selected Exchange Server or Exchange Online as your email platform, a Replace user data with Active Directory placeholders button appears at the bottom. Use it to replace some of the fields (such as name, phone number, or company) with Active Directory placeholders (like %%FirstName%% etc.). When an email is sent, these placeholders are filled with unique information pulled from the Active Directory of the email sender. Learn more

Some signature templates include graphical elements such as banners, photos or company logos. You can configure them in the Graphics section.

Add images to your email signatures

Replace the default graphics

The next step is to replace the default graphics with your own.

  • Choose an image that suits the selected signature template, especially when it comes to size and shape. For example, if the selected template has a rectangular, horizontal logo, it will probably look bad if you use a vertical logo instead. For some graphics, the generator shows hints that help you optimize the format and appearance of your email signature.
    Best email signature dimensions
  • Upload the image to your server, a file hosting service (e.g. Dropbox), or an image hosting service.
  • Copy the link to your image to the clipboard. Make sure you are using a direct link to the image, not a shareable link. See our guide on how to get a direct link in some popular image hosting services for details. Usually, it is enough to open the shareable link, right-click the picture and choose the option to copy the image address (see below how to do it in Google Chrome).
    How to get a direct image URL in Google Chrome
  • The image link needs to begin with http or https. Test the link by opening it in another web browser and checking if you can see the image.
  • Paste the copied link into an appropriate field in the Graphics section. The Signature preview pane will show how the image looks in your signature template.

Change style

The Style section allows you to change the color and type of fonts and vertical/horizontal lines in your signature.

Email signature generator - change style

The font color fields correspond to certain blocks of text in the signature and/or vertical or horizontal lines (if they are included in the design). Because different templates have different layouts, the colors may apply to different elements in different signatures. To change a color, click it to open a color picker or type a Hex color code directly. All fonts available under Font style are email signature safe, which means they are displayed correctly on most email clients and devices.

Social Media Links

In the email signature generator, most templates include social media or messaging app icons (buttons). You can set them up so that when anyone clicks, e.g. the Facebook icon in your email signature, they will be redirected to your personal or company Facebook profile. This way, you can increase traffic on your profiles, boost your social media content and increase your credibility by showing your presence and activity. And if you use WhatsApp, Signal or Telegram, you can add a related icon to your signature to provide your recipients with another way to reach you or your company. Here’s how it works:

By default, there are some pre-filled social media links in the generator:

Add social media links in the free email signature generator

These default URLs are there to show you how the social media icons look in the signature preview. The preview displays only the icons whose fields are not empty in the generator:

Email signature generator's preview - selected social media icons

Don’t leave those default URLs before you apply your email signature, since they link to non-existent social media profiles.

You can use a maximum of 6 different social media icons in your email signature. The generator doesn’t allow you to use more.

To link the icons to your own social media profiles, paste your social media URLs to the fields of your choice and clear the rest of the fields:

Changing default social media buttons

Links to messaging apps, like WhatsApp, can launch a WhatsApp chat with you. Learn how to use WhatsApp links in email signatures

Remember my details

The free email signature generator allows you to save your personal information by selecting the Remember my details checkbox. This allows you to finish working on the email signature you are creating at a later time or to make changes to a signature you have designed and saved earlier without having to re-enter your details.

Free email signature creator - Remember my details off

The saved information includes your personal details, company information, graphics, social media links and the signature template you have chosen. If you make any changes (for example change your banner’s URL address), you will need to deselect the Remember my details checkbox and select it again to save these changes.

If you want to start fresh without using the information you have saved previously, click the Clear button. It will reload the free email signature generator and remove your personal information.

Free email signature creator - Remember my details on

The Remember my details feature saves your details locally in your browser’s cookies. This means that:

  • Your signature details will only be saved in the browser you are currently using.
  • If you are using your browser in Incognito mode (inPrivate, Private Browsing, etc.), you will not be able to save your details, as these modes clear the cookies when you close the session.
  • Removing cookies related to mail-signatures.com will result in deleting your personal details.

Apply your signature

Click Apply your signature to see detailed instructions on how to use the prepared signature in the email platform you’ve selected. If you need instructions for other platforms, change the platform as described in Choose an email platform.

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