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Free email signature templates and inspirations to celebrate Easter and spring

Time moves on and seasons change. The sun gets higher in the sky and the days get longer and warmer. Overall, spring makes us feel better, revitalized and recharged. It’s time to share this mood in your email signatures. We’ve prepared a set of beautiful Easter and spring-themed email signatures to do just that. And, as always, you can use them for personal and business use for free.

Free email signature templates and inspirations to celebrate Easter and spring

Spring-themed free email signature templates

Spring is here

Free spring signature template – Spring is here

Nothing says spring is here quite like the view of blooming flowers. Put some of that spring vibe into your email messages and see your correspondence stand out with colors. The overall design of the signature is toned down, though, so that the recipients don’t get overwhelmed.

Download this email signature template to attract your recipients’ attention

Spring celebration

Free spring signature template – Spring celebration

Spring is seen by many as a time of growth, new life and new beginnings. With the coming of this season, wildlife starts to wake up from its slumber and so do we. We need to recharge our batteries after the gloomy winter and a colorful email signature accompanied by a cheerful bunny will surely brighten up any dreary inbox.

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Free email signature inspirations for Easter

Bunny-tastic Easter

Free Easter signature template – Bunny-tastic Easter

If you are searching for an Easter-themed email signature, but a bit more on the elegant side, look no further. The minimalistic design, paired with the warm color of the matching banner and social media icons, make for a very professional appearance. Express your festive joy in a sophisticated and modern manner with this free signature template.

Go modern and elegant with this free signature template

Egg hunting

Free Easter signature template – Egg hunting

Easter is a time of reflection and renewal, a time of celebration with our closest family members. Use this festive email signature, decorated with egg-shaped social media icons to remind your recipients that Easter is nigh and let them enjoy this egg-hunting time of the year. Remember to link the banner to your Easter sales offers, so that everyone who clicks the fluffy bunny can enjoy your best seasonal offers.

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Celebrate Easter and spring with free email signature templates

For many of us spring is the most eagerly awaited time of the year. No more snow, and finally the sight and smell of fresh green grass, blooming flowers and the sound of happy chirps of birds outside the window. You can literally feel that spring is in the air when the sun finally lights up your room (or office) warming up the atmosphere. Why not share some of this joy with others? Although we still live in difficult pandemic times, you can always send some positive thoughts to your customers and colleagues with these heart-warming signatures.

Celebrate Easter and spring with free email signature templates

We prepared a bunch of free Easter and spring-themed templates, which you can use any way you like. You can use the free seasonal banners we prepared for you as they are or become inspired with our ideas and unleash your own spring creativity. Feel free to customize the designs directly in our email signature generator or download the templates and create something special on your own.

Let’s take a quick look at these blooming templates that will brighten your company email signatures with some spring vibe!


Free spring signature template – Spring green

When you see green, you think about spring. This fresh and vibrant color creates associations with nature and positive feelings. By using a green-themed email signature template, you can add some happiness to your recipient’s mailbox. The bright and colorful promotional banner with Easter greetings and an abstract composition of egg-shaped forms will surely attract attention.

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Egg hunting

Free spring signature template – Egg hunting

This traditional Easter game brings joy to children and adults all around the world. Searching for hidden, colorful eggs and exchanging them for sweets or presents is a nice way to celebrate the time we spend with our nearest and dearest. Why not share some festive joy using this Easter email signature? With this template, your recipients can also join your egg hunting game.

Download this email signature or modify it in our editor just as you like.

Spring celebration

Free spring signature template – Spring celebration

Spring is celebrated as the time of new life and new beginnings. We enjoy this special season by spending more time outdoors, catching the sun as it returns after the long dark winter. We look after the plants in our gardens and tidy up our homes. Celebrate the spring season in the company of a fluffy bunny hopping around our promotional banner and make your company email signature bloom with color.

Download this email signature from our template library or edit it to your liking.

Traditional Easter

Free spring signature template – Traditional Easter

If you are looking for an elegant theme for your emails, this signature template perfectly captures the essence of Easter. It’s traditional, natural, and symbolic. It brings to mind Easter customs and the time we share with our families.

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