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Best email signature templates for 2017

In this article, I have gathered the best email signature templates for you to use in 2017. There are different layouts, compositions, fonts and graphics that may inspire you to create your own professional and modern email signature.

Simple and elegant email signatures

Here you will find examples of simple and neat email signature templates you can use for both business and personal emails.

Version 1:

Email signature template with details composed horizontally. This layout is very transparent if you stick to the rule “the less, the better”.

A signature with data placed horizontally.

Suitable for: C-level staff, Sales Department, IT professionals.

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10 professional email signature designs

An average user sends close to 200 business emails every week. But emails, apart from being a form of formal communication, have also become a vehicle for marketing and branding campaigns in which visual content plays a key role.

In the center of these new strategies is, of course, the email signature. Nowadays it contains not only basic information about the sender, but also advertisements, banners, information about products, services and events… And simultaneously, it has to reinforce the company’s corporate identity.

10 professional email signature design inspirations

This blog presents ten inspirational concepts of email signatures. The designs were created using the signature template library included in CodeTwo Exchange Rules Pro, a dedicated email signature manager for Microsoft Exchange Server 2016/2013/2010/2007.

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