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Hi-res email signatures optimized for mobile devices

Nowadays it is quite hard to find at least one smartphone or tablet which is not equipped with a high-resolution display or, in the case of Apple’s devices, the so-called “Retina display”. Also, more and more laptops are getting these onboard. The real power of a high-resolution screen is that it displays the same area as a conventional screen, but uses up to three times more pixels to do so.

Hi-res email signatures

This approach gives ultimate sharpness and depth to everything you can see on your display. The same applies to email signatures. You may have already noticed that images with low pixel density appear a bit blurry on high-resolution displays. And if we zoom in a little bit more – they just look really bad.

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How to set up an email signature in Outlook for iOS

A good email signature should be professional and eye catching, but how often do we send a quick email from our iPhone that arrives with the ‘sent from my iPhone’ strapline? Did you know that you can set up either a mobile signature or a signature in Outlook Web App (OWA) on your laptop or desktop? Both processes are straightforward and will carry your global branding across mobile and desktop platforms.


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Setting up an HTML email signature with images on iPhone

NOTE: This article explains how to deploy an HTML email signature with images on a single iPhone. To learn how to manage HTML email signatures on multiple iPhones connected to Google Apps, Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange accounts consult this guide.

The default iPhone email signature – ‘sent from my iPhone’ – has by now become sort of a running joke among users. With this in mind, if you are using your iPhone for professional correspondence, you might want to change it to something more appropriate. To do this you have to go to Settings App > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Signature and type in your new byline.

However, if you want to go all the way and create a full blown HTML signature with images, links, etc., roll up your sleeves and follow these steps:

1. Design the signature in an email client that supports HTML, e.g. Gmail or Outlook (to learn how to create social network icons linking to your accounts see this article).

IMPORTANT: For the signature to work correctly on your iPhone the images must be linked. This is a default in most webmail clients like Gmail, but not a default in standalone email clients like Outlook (learn how to use a linked image in Outlook).

An email signature designed in Microsoft Outlook
Fig. 1. An email signature (modified from this free template) designed in Microsoft Outlook.

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