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13 good email disclaimer examples

Email disclaimers have been around for a long time, and for a good reason. Despite the ongoing discussion on their legal effectiveness and enforceability, legal teams insist on inserting them into emails. Disclaimers inform recipients about what they can and cannot do with the emails sent from your company. A humble request to inform the sender in case the message was intended for someone else will usually work. Thanks to that, you could e.g. learn that something is wrong in your newsletter subscription list or even save a deal after simply misspelling your client’s email address.

13 best samples of email disclaimers - email disclaimer examples

If you have a task to create an email disclaimer or signature for your company and your mind went blank, fear not. We are here to provide inspiration.

First of all, do not forget to insert your company’s data into the disclaimer. This serves more than one purpose. First of all, providing information on your company is required by law in some countries. For more information on legal requirements for email disclaimers, please consult this article. Apart from the legal aspect, there is also a high marketing value. Including your company’s name and other information in every email makes your brand more and more recognizable and reinforces the bond between you and the client.

In this article, you can find text content for your disclaimers. If you want to give them a nice graphic design and combine with a good looking email signature, you can consult the article on professional email signature designs. Here, provided email disclaimers examples are divided into sections depending on what they apply to:

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How to create a perfect Human Resources email signature

Email signatures and disclaimers play a very important role in email communication. Conversations without well designed signatures are hard to follow, causing misunderstandings and general chaos. A Human Resources email signature must be designed with particular care, as it is often responsible for the long lasting first impression of the organization.

A good example of Human Resources email signature design

Download this example, for other templates available free of charge, follow this link

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Sales Email Signature – how to design an attractive email signature

Sales representatives know full well that email signatures are not to be taken lightly. In fact, those short parts of everyday conversations might become the key to success. With the right sales email signature, every sent email becomes an opportunity. It would be a shame not to grab this chance, so let us see how to make the most of it.

Sales Email Signature - how to design a good and effective email signature

Download this example, for other templates available free of charge, follow this link.

This is a quite attractive email signature. Let us look at why it works.

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Marketing email signature – how to design a good email signature

Email signatures can have an outstanding promotional value. This offers a great opportunity, especially for marketing experts. If you need a ready-to-go template or inspiration for a marketing email signature, you have come to the right place. Here are some good practice tips for those who want to use every opportunity to promote their company and products.

marketing email signature design - email signature inspiration

Download this example, for other templates available free of charge, follow this link or use this free email signature generator to create your own signature templates.

There are plenty ideas for a good email signature for a marketer. Why is this one well designed?

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IT email signature – how to design an email signature for IT professional

Email signatures have many different functions. Apart from their marketing value, they also provide an easy and quick way to find out who contacted us and why. Let us see how a good IT email signature might look like.

learn how to design a great email signature for IT professional - IT email signature

Download this example, for other templates available free of charge, follow this link.

This signature is suitable for IT professionals for a few reasons:

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Signatures in emails sent from mobile devices

Ensuring a unified signature for the whole company is one of the top priorities for those who know the importance of branding. However, ensuring the same template for all employees may prove to be a bit tricky, regardless of the company’s size. The reason for that is the abundance of mobile devices.

Signatures in mobile devices

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Corporate identity in emails – how to excel at branding

Corporate identity is probably the most important concept in branding. One of the most valid definitions of the title notion has been devised by The International Corporate Identity Group (ICIG). It states that Corporate Identity contains company’s ethos, aims and values, and is a way of defining an organization, enabling it to stand out in the crowd (The Strathclyde Statement). Because of that, it influences not only relations with customers, but also job satisfaction among employees and how other stakeholders view the organization.

corporate identity green zorro finance logo
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